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      Department of Agricultural Extension has been functioning as an independent department since 1st October 2016 consequent upon the creation of nine new Departments from erstwhile four Departments of Palli Siksha Bhavana (Institute of Agriculture) in Visva-Bharati vide Office Order Memo No.: Estab./E-I/AOH&IC/2016-17, dated 30.09.2016. The Department of Agricultural Extension has been created from the erstwhile Department of Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Statistics.
      The Department of Agricultural Extension offers eight courses in B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture programme and Coordinates Rural Awareness and Work Experience (RAWE) programme for final semester students. It conducts two-years M.Sc. (Ag.) in Agricultural Extension programme that started in the year 1990 with approved seats of five students. Three students were admitted in 1990. Presently 10 students are enrolled in each year out of which three students get admission through all India competitive examination conducted by ICAR. During 1990 to 2019 more than 100 students received the M.Sc. (Ag.) in Agricultural Extension degree. More than 50 per cent students enrol from outside states. The Department also offer Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension programme. Presently 19 students are in roll for Ph.D. On an average, about 60 per cent students represent outside states. About 10 to 20 percent students qualify in ICAR's SRF (PGS) and get admission in Ph.D. programme of reputed institutions every year. About 25 percent of PG/Ph.D. students used to get success in NET examinations conducted by ICAR and/or UGC.
      The Department has made significant accomplishments in teaching, research and extension fronts, which are evident from the students’ success in ICAR-JRF, ICAR-SRF, ICAR-NET and UGC-NET examinations, implementation of externally funded research projects and coordination of rural awareness work experience programme as well as field demonstrations on vegetables, pulses and oilseeds crops, respectively.  This department house audio-visual laboratory having audio-visual equipments to train students, farmers and other stakeholders in the field of information and communication technologies (ICTs). The Department has a demonstration unit and conducts field level demonstration programmes and train the students and farmers every year.
Dr.(Ms.)Anindita Saha
Associate Professor and Head

Department of Agricultural Extension
S.No. Title of the Project PI & Co-PI Sponsor
Socio-Economic, Institutional and Gender Issues Influencing Spatiotemporal Variations and Sustainability of Participatory Irrigation Management Reforms in India (under Lal Bahadur Shastri Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2011 of ICAR) (duration Dec. 2015-Nov. 2018) Prof. Souvik Ghosh ICAR-Agricultural Education Division, New Delhi
2. Intensive Sugarcane Development Programme (duration 1989-till date, on yearly sanction basis) Dr. S.D. Mukhopadhyay Govt. of West Bengal
An Overview

Self Study Report
UG Courses as per ICAR Fifth DeansCommittee Recommendations for New Batches
AEX 111 Comprehension & Communication Skills in English 1+1
AEX 112 Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology 2+0
AEX 121 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education 2+1
AEX 122 Communication Skills and Personality Development 1+1
AEX 311
Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication
Elective Courses
AEX 312 Communication and information management 2+1
AEX 321 Emerging Trends in Agricultural Extension 2+1
Experiential Learning
ELAEX 411 Agro-advisory Services 0+20
Rural   Agricultural   Work   Experience   and   Agro-industrial Attachment (RAWE & AIA) 0+20
UG Courses as per ICAR Fourth Deans’ Committee Recommendations for Old Batches
AEX 211
Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology
AEX 221 Dimensions of Agricultural Extension 1+1
AEX 311
Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technologies
AEX 321
Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skill
RAWE Programme
RAWE 04 Extension Programme 0+4
RAWE 05 Research Station/KVK/DAATT Center Activities and Attachment to the Agro-based Industries 0+4
     PG Courses
EXT 501 Genesis and Evolution of Extension Concept 1+0
EXT 502 Development Perspectives of Extension Education 1+1
EXT 503 Development Communication and Information Management 2+0
EXT 504 Educational Technology in Extension 1+1
EXT 505 Concept of Sociology and Educational Psychology in Extension 2+1
EXT 506 Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations 1+1
EXT 507 Research Methods in Behavioural Science 2+1
EXT 508 Gender Studies in Agricultural Development 2+1
EXT 509 Distance Education as Extension Intervention 1+1
EXT 510 Training and Networking 1+1
EXT 511 e-Extension 1+1
EXT 512 Entrepreneurship Development & Management in Extension 1+1
EXT 513 Concept of Organisational, Human Resource and Marketing Management Relevant to Extension 2+1
EXT 514 Project Management- Principles and Techniques 1+1
EXT 515 Participatory Methods for Technology Development and Transfer 1+1
EXT 516 Visual Communication 2+1
EXT 517 Market led Extension 1+1
EXT 518 Group Dynamics and Leadership 2+1
EXT-591 Seminar 0+1
EXT-599 Research Work 0+20
Ph. D. Courses
AEX-601 Research Methodology and Techniques 4
AEX-602 Advances in Extension Education 4
AEX-603 Innovations of Extension 4
AEX-604 Courses on Thesis Writing 4
Prof. Siddhartha Dev Mukhopadhyay
Professor and Head

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Prof. Souvik Ghosh

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Dr.(Ms.) Anindita Saha
Associate Professor

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Assistant Professor

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